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This question comes to us from “Spike the Cat” from Redmond.

Dear Dr. B.C.,

Recently, I was at a social gathering with my cat friends in Medina. I have always enjoyed meeting with them and catching up on the latest news around Bellevue. However, this time I noticed that after I began to speak everyone covered their noses with their paws. What could be the reason for this?

Dear Spike,

Your friends are definitely telling you to improve your oral hygiene. Our records show that you have not had a dental cleaning in three years.

I suggest you go to the nearest mirror, open your mouth, and check for any dark material that may be accumulating on your teeth.

Does it hurt to bite on food, have you lost any teeth, or had weight loss recently?

If your answer of one or more of these questions is yes, then you probably have dental disease. All of us need to have our teeth cleaned every one to two years. Our doctors will make recommendations for a program that is right for you.

Find your owner, sit on their lap, rub your face on theirs, and breathe on them. This always works. Your owner will be on the phone in no time, scheduling a dental cleaning at Cat Care Clinic.

Your friends will notice your fresh breath, shiny white teeth, and your social calendar will soon return to normal.


– Dr. B.C.

Tabatha Cat from Mercer Island writes,

Dear Dr B.C.

Hi, I have been a guest at Cat Care Clinic and I have two questions for you. First, I am wondering how old I am in human years? I believe I am 1, and my other cat friends at my home are Buffy 5 and Jody 7, they are always hanging out together. Arnold is 20 and he just mostly sleeps a lot. Are there things we should be watching out for at our ages?

Thank you very much.


Tabatha Cat

Mercer Island

Dear Tabatha,

Good questions. At age 1 in Cat Years that equals age 15, just a young teenager. Have your owners check your vaccination records and for any other juvenile maintenance needs that may be indicated for this time. Enjoy your youthful energetic life. Buffy and Jody at 5 and 7 are 36 and 44, so they are nice middle-aged pals. Your owner should continue with their worming, vaccinations and dental check-ups. Congratulations to your friend Arnold at age 20! Tabatha… Let the boy sleep young child! He has earned it. “The golden time of his life” for Arnold equals at least 96 in human age. Remember there are dental needs at this age and blood-work might prove beneficial as well. Are there any new changes in Arnold’s coat or condition? How are his eyes and ears doing?

Often older cats are afraid to have dental work done because of fear of anesthesia. This is now very safe with new testing and monitoring methods, newer safe drugs being available plus Doctors and technicians that have the experience and the ability to control the drug dosages being used.

You will also need different food formulas at these different stages of your life. Youth, adult and geriatric ages all have different nutritional needs. Weight management may also become an issue, so check in for some guidance on diet as well.

Thank You for continuing to visit at Cat Care Clinic.


Dr. BC

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